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Ambient magic Direct Download! (Mp3, 1002 kB)
Great production quality in this track. It feature loopable intro and main sections. Great percussion, pad sounds and sub-melodies. 149
Code: ALD056 Duration: 0:32
Mood: Hypnotic Energetic Dramatic
Genres: Ambient Dance Club
Price: $49.90
Ancient Ambient Logo by ALM Direct Download! (Mp3, 652 kB)
Intense ambient logo featuring pads, percussion and kalimba. Great as film production companies logo, documentaries logo, corporate logos and many other short videos or animations needing an incidental music intro.
Code: ALM Duration: 0:16
Mood: Dramatic Inspirational Peaceful
Genres: New Age Classical World
Price: $49.95
Asturias by Isaak Albeniz Direct Download! (Mp3, 11 MB)
Dramatic and moody flamenco guitar and cello. There are a variety of differing sections 100
Code: NSWH011 Duration: 6:29
Mood: Dramatic
Genres: Classical
Price: $49.90
Beethoven's 5th Direct Download! (Mp3, 13 MB)
Beethoven's 5th.. need we say more. Full orchestra arrangement. 70
Code: ALD023 Duration: 7:35
Mood: Dramatic Aggressive Angry
Genres: Classical
Price: $49.95
Behind Closed Doors by ALM Direct Download! (Mp3, 2 MB)
Delicate, calm, sad, dreary, gloomy, peaceful and introspective instrumental track. Few elements able to underline deep and slow scenes or simply the desolation of a landscape. This track is perfect for introductive scenes in thriller or dramatic movies. Harp, piano, glass harmonica and deep pads.
Code: ALM Duration: 1:18
Mood: Sad Scary Dramatic
Genres: Ambient New Age Classical
Price: $49.95
Brooding then steady groove Direct Download! (Mp3, 1 MB)
This loopable track starts off with a great brooding and sinister intro then becomes a cool ambient groove. 147
Code: ALD055 Duration: 0:39
Mood: Hypnotic Dramatic
Genres: Ambient Dance Club
Price: $49.90
Dreamy Logo 1 by ALM Direct Download! (Mp3, 501 kB)
Mysterious audio logo featuring pads, strings, kettle drums and piano. Perfect for corporate use, short advertising animations and any kind of introductive video. Imagine your animated logo moving on the screen with these fantastic sounds. Evocative, sugg
Code: ALM004 Duration: 0:16
Mood: Dramatic Inspirational
Genres: New Age
Price: $49.95
Dusty Streets by ALM Direct Download! (Mp3, 9 MB)
An involving and meaningful piano rock track, smoking hot riffs with electric guitars, lilting drums and snare sections, synths and bass lines mixed in a modern electronic rock track. TV/radio/news broadcasts, movie credits, urban documentaries, commercials and much more. Hot asphalt streets, fuel, speedup
Code: ALM Duration: 4:20
Mood: Romantic Dramatic Inspirational
Genres: Rock Pop Folk
Price: $49.95
Hybrid Mistery by ALM Direct Download! (Mp3, 5 MB)
This track is a mixture of genres, industrial, jazz, chill, cinematic….It conveys a sense of mistery and danger and it evokes obscure settings. It could fit well in many kind of movies and videos where the main subject needs a dreamy soundscape. This trac
Code: ALM003 Duration: 2:55
Mood: Dramatic
Genres: Ambient
Price: $49.95
La Rossignole - traditional Direct Download! (Mp3, 4 MB)
Baroque styled tune featuring cello and classical guitar.
Code: NSWH014 Duration: 2:26
Mood: Inspirational Dramatic 0
Genres: Classical 0 0
Price: $49.90
Patriot by MDE Direct Download! (Mp3, 863 bytes)
This track stays for ethical values, patriotism and hope. With the delayed snare drum it has a slightly reflective feel. The song begins with a soft trumpet theme, grows with strings, piano, english horns, timpani; and ends with an emotional climax.
Code: MDE Duration: 2:37
Mood: Dramatic
Genres: Classical
Price: $49.95
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