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Alto sax minor blues Direct Download! (Mp3, 5 MB)
Straight feel medium blues featuring alto sax lead with nice B3 organ background 174
Code: ALD073 Duration: 2:26
Mood: Sad Mellow
Genres: Blues,
Price: $49.90
Behind Closed Doors by ALM Direct Download! (Mp3, 2 MB)
Delicate, calm, sad, dreary, gloomy, peaceful and introspective instrumental track. Few elements able to underline deep and slow scenes or simply the desolation of a landscape. This track is perfect for introductive scenes in thriller or dramatic movies. Harp, piano, glass harmonica and deep pads.
Code: ALM Duration: 1:18
Mood: Sad Scary Dramatic
Genres: Ambient New Age Classical
Price: $49.95
Classic country ballad Direct Download! (Mp3, 5 MB)
Country rock ballad rhythm section with gently pedal steel lines
Code: ALD107 Duration: 2:12
Mood: Mellow Sad
Genres: Country
Price: $49.90
Country ballad violin Direct Download! (Mp3, 5 MB)
Gentle country ballad featuring violin and pedal steel accompanied by acoustic guitars and subtle percussion. 55
Code: ALD010 Duration: 3:11
Mood: Peaceful Sad Romantic
Genres: Country
Price: $49.95
Farewell by MDE Direct Download! (Mp3, 4 MB)
Orchestral, epic and timeless piece with horns, piano, string ensemble and harp. Suits perfect in a farewell scene for example and much more.
Code: MDE005 Duration: 2:1
Mood: Sad Romantic
Genres: Classical
Price: $49.95
Minor blues guitar solo with organ Direct Download! (Mp3, 5 MB)
Cool medium slow blues band featuring guitar solo & B3 organ. Drums vary from quiet to nice and solid. Straight feel 173
Code: ALD072 Duration: 1:26
Mood: Sad Mellow
Genres: Blues,
Price: $49.90
Minor rock harmonica blues Direct Download! (Mp3, 4 MB)
Medium driving rock blues band track featuring harmonica solo. 178
Code: ALD077 Duration: 2:08
Mood: Aggressive Angry Sad
Genres: Blues, Rock,
Price: $49.90
Moonlight Sonata Direct Download! (Mp3, 14 MB)
Bach's immortal Piano tune. Beautifully played and recorded.
Code: ALD118 Duration: 6:00
Mood: Sad Mellow Ambient
Genres: Classical
Price: $49.95
Voice pads with drums and bass Direct Download! (Mp3, 1 MB)
Slightly boy-band-ish but still quite dreamy. features lovely piano lines with rich layered vocal pads. 131
Code: ALD044 Duration: 0:33
Mood: Sad Mellow
Genres: New Age Ambient
Price: $49.90
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